Deluxe Towing will proudly tow your antique cars. We always use straps, never chains. Our goal is to make sure your vehicle is delivered in pristine condition.

Exotic Cars

Deluxe Towing will carefully tow your exotic cars. We know luxury cars need special treatment; therefore, our trucks are equiped with boards, straps and all necessary items needed to appropriately transport your vehicle.


Forklifts / Lifts

Need to tow a Forklift? Deluxe Towing provides safe and quaility towing of forklifts and other warehouse equipments to and from your business. 

Miscellaneous Items

We tow many miscellaneous items such as golf carts, limousines, trailors, sheds, carpentry machines, table saws, tool boxes and much more. 

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Specialized Towing Options

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